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IDEA Transforming Bodies
Making Lasting Connections
The Long Road Back
Small Steps to Normalcy: Troy Brown Case Study
Fitness Journal: Training Clients With Neuromuscular Disorders: A Step-By-Step Approach
ABC 7 News- ABC‘s special report on Taylor and some of his clients.
Running Raw film about the Physically Challenged clients of Taylor crossing the finish line at the 2007 LA Marathon.
LA Marathon 2009- Watch as Taylor motivates a group of Physically Challenged clients as they prepare to participate in the 2009 LA Marathon.
Watch as Taylor answers 20 questions about him.
Dick Clark walks:  Taylor shows Dick’s progress since his stroke in 2004
Getting the once paralyzed Troy Brown prepared to walk by working out on the NuStep machine.
Taylor explains how Troy Brown is walking unassisted on a treadmill after having been paralyzed.
Taylor explains why he is prescribing a corrective exercise program for Marc using the 5 P’s.
Taylor explains to ski accident victim Eddie the importance of getting people out of a hospital and to never return.
Marilyn Hamilton- Take a glimpse at a specialized training program designed by Taylor.
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