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Professor Isaacs:
I really do appreciate you opening up your practice for my students and me. It was a pleasure to meet you as well and I think that you are a brilliant Clinician and Scientist. I personally appreciate the work that you are doing. As a Kinesiotherapy student I had the privilege to observe and assist various types of patients with paralysis and one thing that I did learn from them is that most of them dream of walking again. With the miraculous work that you are performing I envision their dreams becoming a reality.
As I mentioned that I share your passion of the desire for Health-Care to be available in the Fitness centers. I strongly believe that individuals with disabilities should be granted this access and freedom. I would also like to be an advocate in the process of having these Continued-Rehabilitative-Care services covered by the patient’s medical insurance.

I again would like to thank you on behalf of my students. They are also very grateful to you for allowing us this experience. Please also extend our gratitude to Steve and your patients again. I will be sure to share your contact information with the students.

Thanks again!

I first met Taylor Isaacs in the gym. Since I had worked out for years, coached and competed in gymnastics since a youth, I knew by watching Taylor that he was one of a kind in his approach to exercise and rehabilitation exercise. Upon first seeing Taylor and his patients at the gym, I have to admit I wondered what they were doing there. This was a regular gym, not a rehabilitation facility. Over time I kept watching Taylor and I was continually impressed. I was won over and realized a gym should be a facility for every kind of fitness, good health and wellbeing.

I had my medial meniscus removed from my right knee in my early twenties. At forty nine years old I couldn’t physically compensate any more. My whole right side was experiencing protective guarding and the pain was intense. After seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon, he prescribed knee replacement surgery for me. I was too young for knee replacement as people that are active, like myself, may have to have more knee replacement surgeries in as little as 10 years after the first surgery.

May of 2004 I began working with Taylor as walking became extremely painful, every day function was limited. Taylor began a personal rehabilitation exercise program with me.

Through exercise, Taylor took the force off my joints and made my muscles do the work. I am now pain free most of the time. I do not take any drugs other that an occasional Aleve. I have a personal daily exercise routine prescribed by Taylor that keeps me from having the physical problems I had before. I have been able to put off the knee replacement till a later date. Maybe forever??? Thank you Taylor!

Susan Sorenson
April 26, 2010

I have been a client of Taylor Isaacs for six years and would like to add to the discussion on inclusive fitness. I joined a gym because my husband, Dick, was a member. But I did not really use the gym until Dick suggested I ask Taylor, who conducts his physical therapy practice in the gym, for a consultation about an on-going problem with my right hip. After an interview and assessment, Taylor said he could help me gain flexibility and strength and he customized a workout program for me and trained me how to use the equipment. I was making progress and Taylor was diligent in reinforcing the correct form and following up on my trips to the gym.

All was going well…and then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through the surgeries, chemotherapies, and radiation treatments, I continued my appointments with Taylor.

He had to adjust my exercise routine every visit an account of the changing levels of fatigue, pain, or emotional slump.

Taylor and I have been a good team. But there is a third team member – the people in the gym. The essence of a gym is that it is a place where people go to exercise to maintain their health. Taylor’s “office” is in plain sight of any member entering the gym and his interaction with his clients is right out there for everyone to observe. I am a shy person and yet I never felt like I was in the spotlight. Quite the contrary, with everyone busy around me going about their own exercises and workouts I felt like I just blended in – I was included in a positive hubbub of healthy humanity.

The setting has made all the difference in my recovery. I am in an atmosphere where a common goal is shared and everyone is doing his or her part to succeed. Sometimes my appointment is right before one of Taylor’s clients who suffers from a spinal injury and who arrives in a wheel chair. At first I rather glorified them for their courage and determination to regain ability to move, but after awhile I began to appreciate them as just regular people going about the business of health. And then I realized that for the time I am in the gym, I too, feel “normal.”

The idea behind inclusive fitness is brilliant. Bringing therapy right into a local community gym gives injured persons an opportunity to be surrounded by healthy people and access to expensive exercise machines and a trained specialist who provides one-on-one guidance through their exercise program. Taylor has set a tone of mutual respect and equal access for all of his clients and with the members and management of California Fitness Center has created a unique treatment opportunity – inclusive fitness.

Candy Dardarian
April 24, 2010

Taylor has a unique philosophy that has proven itself to be a viable concept, which he could use to expand beyond his personal ability. As a person with a spinal cord injury at T-4 (about chest level), I have been working with Taylor for many years and have seen the changes in how I feel, manage my health and view exercise as a curative. With his inspiration, using special adaptive bracing I walked the last few hundred feet of the LA Marathon in 2005, then invited others to participate each year through 2009 where we had about 15 people involved in our walk to finish line.

Laura Robinson
April 22, 2010

My husband is a C-4 quadriplegic and as his stay in rehab was coming to an end, the higher my anxiety became. I was desperately looking for someone to tell me what to do, and where to go next. Most of the professionals I came across continued to give me the “I’m-so-sorry-for-your-loss” talk while I was trying to move forward. I had leads from all over the country, but only one was local so Taylor Isaacs was possibly our only hope. When I went to the gym to see who he was, he was assisting a client into a wheelchair. All I could think was “What the heck is a wheelchair doing in a gym?” Then it dawned on me, “This is it! This is the place and this is the man that can help!” Thank you Taylor Isaacs, for showing us how we can be more through exercise. Thank you so much Mia for your work and for sharing the story.

Kim Bolewski

Taylor is the best! I am more than a satisfied client, I am a raving fan! He is so worthy of acknowledgement. Thank you for this article. Taylor helped me take charge of my own health care, he educated me about how the human body moves and functions, he inspired me to push myself harder than I thought possible, and at times he believed in me even when I did not. He transformed my life and I can’t say enough good things about him. Anyone who wants to be the best they can be in health & wellness should contact Taylor.

Andy Skinner

Thank you for the article on Taylor Isaacs. I have had the unique opportunity of getting to know Taylor and many of his extraordinary clients. Taylor has a special gift in working with individuals who face monumental physical challenges and through his expertise in exercise physiology, never ending enthusiasm, motivational encouragement and goal setting is able to help them achieve function levels that often times exceeds expectations. Taylor and his past and present clients including Kristina Ripatti and Aaron Baker are the best examples of what the human spirit can achieve and I am always honored to be in their presence.

Steve Sarns, NuStep VP Marketing

Thank you, Mia, for celebrating Taylor Isaacs and his unmatched commitment to his work and his clients. I can proudly say I am where I am today because of two people… My mother Laquita Conway and Taylor Isaacs. The Possibilities are endless….

Aaron Baker

The work Taylor is doing to integrate fitness for all into the community is long overdue. Why do we segregate disabilities, seniors or even younger aged (pre-teens)? Integration is the way to promote lifetime fitness and health. We learn best from those who are opposite and have diverse life stories. Coming together in an environment which promotes health and fitness, is a natural way to progress faster while reinforcing the disciplines we ALL require to live a happy life. Thank you for opening our eyes and our hearts!

Kathy Brunette

Making lasting connections, IMPRESSIONS, COMMITMENTS, RESULTS, and MEMORIES [plus, so very much more . . . ]. Thanks so very much for the article . . . Well done indeed . . . The more of us whose “lives” and/or “loved ones” are fortunate enough to be introduced to and, thereafter, so wonderfully TOUCHED BY Taylor Isaacs the better! Blessings, Positive Thoughts, and “Well” Wishes to All . . . Robert J. and Jeanie McNamara . . . The EXTREMELY proud parents of Michael [Mike Mac] McNamara who continues to battle his SCI every day and every day Taylor is right there with him [and oh so many others .

Robert and Jeannie Mcnamara


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